Is online teaching really beneficial for you?

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There are various pros and cons of online mentoring programs. One needs to stay aware of all the practices being followed in the modern world and take appropriate steps. If the students are very young then it is their parents who should help them out and make a proper research. Some of the advantages and disadvantages are listed below:


  • Students can sit at their home and attend classes without the need to travel much. There are times when students are not able to attend good institutes just because of the distance from their home. Online teaching makes it possible to learn from their home and interact with experienced teachers.
  • The biggest advantage with online mentoring programs is that the students can record videos. These videos are really helpful for students whenever they want to go through the important points. While the revision phase is going on students always try to look for points mentioned by teachers and recorded videos can be helpful during those times.
  • Whether the institute is located in some other city or perhaps in some other country, students can still expect to contact professional teachers. Students no longer need to leave their home and live in some other city with the presence of online learning platforms.


  • There are some limitations of online teaching that can affect the interaction power of the students. During class lectures students used to interact face to face with the teachers and their classmates. But when it comes to online learning platforms students won’t get the experience that they got in real life classes.
  • It is totally dependent on a PC or a laptop. If some students do not have an advanced version of PC that supports the video tutorials then it may affect their learning programs.

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September 12, 2016

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